• publish: 9 January 2022
  • time: 5:25 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 20473

Taliban made 46 million Afs from Afghan post

46 million Afs income has been made by Afghan post over three months since it was merged to the ministry of information and technology by Islamic Emirate.

The ministry officials said that Afghan Post- a government body of the ministry- has made up to 46 million, three hundred thousand, and 91 thousand Afghanis in the past three months.

The spokesperson of the ministry Enayatullah Alokozy said that the money has been made from posting E-IDs, passports, and other official and non-official documents to people and government ministries.

Statement of Afghan Post reads that the documents have been posted through post offices across Afghanistan.

Afghan Post was an Independent administration of the previous Afghan government.

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