• publish: 6 August 2019
  • time: 2:32 pm
  • category: Politics
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Saleh reacts to Taliban’s denunciation of elections

Taliban nothing but‘sham Afghans’

Amrullah Saleh, the running mate of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in upcoming presidential elections, reacted to denunciation of presidential elections by Taliban.

Saleh said in a Twitter post “Denouncement of elections by terrorist Taliban isn’t a news. It is a narrative without taste.”

Furthermore, Saleh said “They are created & backed to suppress a nation, bring about medieval system in the name of religion to feed the greedy beast of Pakistani establishment. They are nothing but “sham Afghans”.”

The Taliban group earlier vowed to prevent the September Presidential elections in Afghanistan, calling the elections a ‘sham process’.

The group issued a statement earlier today that it shall exert utmost efforts in preventing the elections.

The statement further added that the group calls on Afghans to boycott the elections and not to partake in any campaign rallies.

Furthermore, the Taliban group claimed that the participation of the Afghans ‘will only be used as a ruse by the invaders and their hirelings to gain validity.’

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