• publish: 11 January 2022
  • time: 4:11 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 20512

Taliban passes budget for fiscal year 1401

The interim government of the Islamic Emirate in a meeting on Tuesday passed the budget for next fiscal year-1401- and an attachment that includes the budget for the last three months of the year 1400.

On agenda of the Tuesday’s meeting, assessing the budget of the last quarter of the current year and changes in the period of a fiscal year was discussed.

In the meeting, it was decided that the fiscal year would start to form the month of Hamal-first month of a solar year- and will end on the month of Hoot-last month of a solar year.

Previously, a fiscal year would include one quarter-last quarter-of one year and three-quarters of next.

IEA in a statement said that this is the first time that Afghanistan’s budget is prepared from domestic income and without foreign aid.

In the past twenty years, Afghanistan’s 80% budget was funded by International Community.

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