• publish: 9 August 2016
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“Taliban possesses special unit, mostly foreigners, to fight directly against Afghan forces”

Taliban insurgents possess a special unit called “Red Unit” that majority of which are foreign fighters and is capable of encountering Afghan forces in direct fights. According to sources.

The unit is highly equipped with advanced automatic weapons to fight against foreign or Afghan forces in conflicts. Bbc Farsi citing sources reported.


The issue of Taliban having such a unit raised once heavy clashes reported between Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents in Nad-e-Ali district of southwestern Helmand province, where reportedly a number of insurgents have come to challenge government forces and take control of strategic district of Nad-e-Ali.


Top security officials including Genreal Abdol Rahman Rahimi deputy to security affairs of Afghan ministry of Interior and General Murad Ali Murad deputy to Afghan Joint Chief of Staff have gone to the site to supervise the fights against the Taliban.


The heavy clashes in Nad-e-Ali district reported to have entered its 8th day, where a number of Taliban insurgents have been trying to take control of the strategic district.


Advisor to Helmand provincial government media office Omar Zawak said since the beginning of the clashes 8 days ago, 293 Taliban insurgents have been killed and at least 50 Afghan soldiers also suffered martyrdom so far.


Taliban have coordinated their attacks from three sides including south, west and north on the district to take it from government forces; a reminder to Kunduz brief take over by these militants.


However, now there is this question that what a power Taliban might possess to dare challenge Afghan forces and make two top security officials including General Murad Ali Murad and General Abderaham Rahimi come to the site, according to bbc.


Taliban sources say the militant groups possess a special unit called “Red Unit” which is mostly foreigners and is formed to challenge Afghan forces in direct fights.


According to the sources, the unit is highly equipped with some advanced automatic weapons; even Afghan forces don’t possess such weapons.


Taliban calls the unit as its “Commando Unit”.


Omar Zawak said Taliban insurgents have this only unit and deploy it when challenging Afghan forces in direct fights.

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