• publish: 12 February 2022
  • time: 11:10 am
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Taliban release Afghan women activists, foreigners

Islamic Emirate announced that the foreigners who were detained for not having identity cards, working licenses, and relevant documents were released after identifying their identities.

Spokesperson of the IE, Zabiullah Mujahid in a Twitter post said that they were in a good situation and were in constant contact with their respective families.

The Two foreign journalists and their Afghan colleagues were detained on Friday, February 11, 2022, and were in the Taliban’s custody for hours before getting free.

UNHCR in a Twitter post confirmed the detention and said that the two foreign journalists and their Afghan colleagues were working for the agency.

In the meantime, the Taliban have also released three Afghan women activists who were detained three weeks ago.

Parwana Ibrahimkhail, Tamana Zaryab Paryani, and another woman are reported to be released on Friday but reports about the latter two are not yet confirmed.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that Tamana Zaryab Paryani along with her three sisters will be released soon.

The women were released after staging anti-Taliban and pro-women demonstrations in Kabul.

The issue had gravely concerned the United Nation and had called for the release of the women.

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