• publish: 13 September 2021
  • time: 1:51 am
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Taliban says Afghanistan’s universities will resume work in one week

Afghanistan’s universities will resume their work within a week after their schedules are agreed and financial issues are settled, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) education minister, said on Sunday.

“Currently, various technical aspects of the resumption of the work of universities are being discussed. They are mostly issues linked with financing and changing schedules, since non-important disciplines should be excluded from the academic program and replaced by more important ones. The consultations will be finished no later than in a week,” the local Ariana News television channel quoted him as saying.

According to Haqqani, the education sector is among the most affected ones, first because of the coronavirus pandemic and then because of the change of power in Afghanistan.

At the same time, he confirmed that the education in the country will be built on the gender principle, with men teaching male students and women teaching female students. Apart from that, men and women will study separately.

He promised that most talented students, both men and women, will be sent to study abroad. He also called on Afghan teachers who work in foreign country to return to Afghanistan.

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