• publish: 30 September 2015
  • time: 12:20 am
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 1513

Taliban shadow governor for Kunduz killed in airstrike

Mulavi Abdul Salam Akhund Taliban shadow governor for Kunduz city along with 17 other insurgents was killed during an airstrike on late Tuesday, National Directorate for Security said in a statement.

Mulavi Abdul Salam Akhund Taliban shadow governor along with his deputy Zabi, Osama Haris (head of Tayabba insurgency party and who is a Pakistani national) and 15 other insurgents were killed during an airstrike coordinated by Afghan national directorate of security.

The Afghan intelligence agency said the terrorists had aimed to enter Kunduz airport compounds, but they faced heavy air response from security forces and were killed.

The air strike was carried out with the cooperation of Afghan national directorate for security at around 9 PM local time, Afghan intelligence agency said.

Mulavi Abdul Salam is believed to have been involved in many terrorist activities and led insurgents in Kunduz province. His death could put pressure on the insurgents fighting security forces, national directorate for security believes.

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