• publish: 28 December 2019
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Military Analysts:

Taliban should be defeated via winter operations

Summer is tough to fight with the Taliban as they are reinforced from winter.

If the Afghan Forces do not conduct winter operations, they will face heavy attacks by the Taliban, Military analysts insisted.

Now as the winter arrived, most of the military analysts stress that the only way to defeat the Taliban is to have winter operations against them. This is because these analysts believe that in winter, the Taliban are mostly busy with their reinforcement and lessons. Following the winter, they will be quite ready to attack the army.

“Summer is tough to fight with the Taliban as they are reinforced from winter. It is a good chance to defeat them in winter and take our districts back from them,” said Wahab Wardak, ex-deputy of the Afghan National Army.

This comes as the ministry of defense said that various winter operations against the Taliban have started all over the country.

“We have started our winter operations in north and west of Afghanistan which includes airstrikes, night operations, commando operations, and special operations,” said Fawad Aman, the spokesperson deputy of the ministry of defense.

In the meantime, the Taliban are in a peace negotiation with the USA in Qatar.

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