• publish: 15 August 2020
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President Ghani:

Taliban should show their commitment to peace

President Ghani urged the Taliban group to show their commitment for peace, the Presidential Press Office said in a statement.

In a video conference attended by the former U.S. ambassador, analysts and prominent journalists, the president spoke about the recent development in the country, particularly peace process, the goals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on bringing peace and stability and the preparation of the negotiating delegation, the statement said. ‘
The president reiterated:
“The Taliban should show their commitment for peace.”
He also talked about the development and the efforts of Afghanistan as an important part of the Central Asia and the good relation, the country secured with these countries for providing expansion of trade and transit cooperation and creation of corridors, the statement added. The president also spoke about the creation and expansion of trade and transit with China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries, according to the statement. Referring to the neighboring Pakistan, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said:
“We had well discussions with the Pakistani authorities and Pakistan can play positive role in the region.

Economic stability and development in Afghanistan, helps stability and development of Pakistan.”
The president noted that during talks with Pakistan Prime Minister, both sides spoke about fighting poverty and he said a stable Afghanistan provide opportunity to fight poverty and that Pakistan can play its role in this field.
“Afghanistan effort in suppressing terrorism and regional and world security, shouldn’t be ignored, as Afghanistan is at the frontline of war on terrorism, in order not to change the country, into terrorist safe sanctuaries,” said the president as quoted by the statement.

Pointing to the increase of violence by the Taliban, the president went on as saying: “When the government peace delegation enters talks with the Taliban, then this will become clear that what would the Taliban think about the modern Afghanistan and whether they realize the last 19 year achievements of the country which is a democratic and liberal society and/or if they give up violence.”
To conclude the statement quoted him as saying: “To release the 400 Taliban prisoners, we have paid much prices for peace. Our main agenda is that the restoration of ceasefire and an end of violence become the imperative goal of the government negotiating team.

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