• publish: 29 September 2021
  • time: 12:06 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 18899

Taliban to temporarily accomplish constitution of King Zahir Shah’s era

The Taliban Islamic Movement vows to temporarily accomplish the constitution belongs to the era of Afghanistan’s last King, Mohammad Zahir Shah.

The ministry of justice said in a statement on Tuesday said those articles that violate the Islamic regulations will not be adopted.  According to the statement, the announcement was made by the acting minister of justice in a meeting with Wang Yu, the Chinese ambassador in Kabul.  

The Taliban sought good relations with the world, the statement said, adding that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against any country.

The Chinese ambassador expressed happiness over the Taliban’s commitment that will also help resolve of economic problems and pave the ground for countering terrorism. The Chinese envoy vowed that China would maintain diplomatic ties with the Taliban Islamic Movement.

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