• publish: 4 August 2020
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Taliban violated eid ceasefire 38 times

The Interior Ministry says the Taliban conducted 19 blasts, 15 shellings, two ambush attacks on security forces.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) says the Taliban violated the ceasefire 38 times during the three days of the truce, killing at least 20 civilians and wounding 40 others.  

The ministry said in a statement on Monday that the Taliban violations included terrorist attacks, offensive attacks and mine explosions that were conducted in 10 provinces.  

The Taliban has not commented on the data. 

The Interior Ministry’s information indicates that the Taliban conducted 19 blasts, 15 shellings, two ambush attacks on security forces, killing three people and abducting six others. 

“This is against the commitments that the Taliban often make to reduce violence,” Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said. 

Despite that, more than 20 provinces have not witnessed security incidents during the three days of Eid (July 31 to August 2). 

“We have registered six incidents of violence of ceasefire in Helmand in three days of Eid,” Helmand governor Yasin Khan said. 

The Afghan government on Monday stressed the need for a continuation of the ceasefire and said the Taliban is insisting on war and that they do not want ceasefire. 

“We have always wanted ceasefire… For years, ceasefire has been a key issue for us in any attempt for peace, but, unfortunately, the Taliban has always insisted on violence,” said Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said.  

A day after the ceasefire on Monday, August 3, a mortar round hit a house in Bala Murghab district, Badghis province, killing three people – two children and a woman–and wounding five others, including four children, according to local officials. No group has claimed responsibility for the shelling.  

On the first day of Eid, on July 31, an explosion in the city of Herat wounded at least 14 people.

Taliban denied they violated the ceasefire and said they prevented the supply of aid to surrounded government forces and the establishment of new checkpoints.

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