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Taliban welcomes US troops downsize in Afghanistan

A spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Political Office Mohammad Naeem Wardak, in a tweet, welcomed the downsizing of US troops in Afghanistan, calling it an important step in implementing the Doha agreement.

“The full implementation of the Doha Agreement is in the interest of all countries and nations of the world,” he wrote in the message.

Taliban spokesman went on to say that as the new US administration takes office, the group, is committed to implementing the terms of the agreement and demands the same from the other side.

On Friday, the US military said that the number of US troops in Afghanistan has dropped to 2,500 despite congressional opposition.

According to the Associated Press, Trump had previously claimed that the number of US troops in Afghanistan had reached its lowest level in 19 years.

According to an agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in Doha, all foreign troops must leave Afghanistan by May 2021 if progress is made in the inter-Afghan talks and the ground for peace is provided.

US President-elect Biden, who insists that a small number of US troops remain in Afghanistan to ensure that al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups do not attack the United States, has faced many questions, including how to reduce foreign troops, however, Biden’s policy towards Afghanistan has not yet been determined.