• publish: 4 July 2021
  • time: 4:23 pm
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Talks with Taliban have made little headway

Peace talks with the Taliban in Doha have made “very little progress”, acknowledges the government’s chief negotiator.

In an interview, the High Council for National Reconciliation chairman admitted the negotiations happening at a “very slow pace”.

Speaking to CNN, Abdullah Abdullah confirmed the insurgents, having captured more than a dozen districts in the past 24 hours, had gained momentum.

With regard to the US withdrawal, the HCNR chief commented: “Had it been our choice … we would have thought differently.”

However, he ruled out the possibility of the Taliban overthrowing the government in Kabul. “It will not happen,” he believed.

“The Taliban have failed. They promised that they will delink with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. We don’t have many signs of that. So that’s the danger for us, as well as for the region.”

On the US intelligence report that the Afghan government could collapse within six months, Abdullah said it “doesn’t look like that for me … it should be a warning that has to be taken seriously.”

Abdullah underlined the need for unity among Afghan political leaders to find a peaceful solution and prevent the government’s collapse.

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