• publish: 20 January 2018
  • time: 2:59 pm
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Terrorists arrive in Afghanistan and receive direct supports: Lavrov

Russian foreign minister Sergay Lavrov warned on Friday at the UN session for Afghanistan issue that hundreds of terrorists arrive in Afghanistan and receive direct support from some countries

Lavrov warned on the possibility of Afghanistan becoming a center for international terrorism, as hundreds of terrorists arrive in the country who have direct supports from some countries.

“Hundreds of terrorists arrive in that region and receive direct support from some nations in the area and others further afield,” Lavrov said at a ministerial session of the Security Council.

Given such a scenario, more international cooperation is needed and concrete actions aimed at ending terrorist groups and other illegal activities, he said.

Russia’s investments in the area exceed 20 billion dollars and we are still willing to help economically and in different areas, such as security, said Lavrov.

In the Central Asian region and in Afghanistan, more support and alliances are needed, and there is an urgent need to create a system that reflects the current realities of a polycentric world, and with respect for diversity, he added, Prensa Latina wrote.

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