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The 14th day of the fifth round of Doha talks between the USA and the Taliban ended without any result

Sunday was the fourteenth day of the fifth round of Doha talks between the USA and the Taliban group which ended without any result.

Qatar talks will probably have several rounds as well.

Once, the US state department’s special representative on the Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad had said during an interview in Afghanistan that America will probably discuss having a military base in Afghanistan.
The main claim of the Taliban group was and is “Jihad” against the country’s “occupation” by American forces.

In addition, their main demand is also the unconditional withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Issues like the Islamic rule, social justice, withdrawal from the United Nations blacklist and the release of prisoners are subordinate demands that can be easily agreed upon.

The main things America wants, are an honorable withdrawal, Taliban’s merger in the peace process and becoming a part of the Afghan government, and the so-called “international terrorism” cannot use Afghan territory against the US and its allies.
Undoubtedly, America has not come to launch a global fight against some incognito and nonbeing terrorists, bringing peace in the region and world. America is a liberal-capitalist country and no calculation above national interests is important for it. Although president Trump is a businessman who did not see any profit in Afghanistan, the US political system limits the president’s authorities, and cannot maneuver against foreign policy doctrine.

On the other hand, given the fact that Trump wants US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the talks must have already ended and currently we would have witnessed the “green” army pullout in the early 21st century from Afghanistan (green does not have special meaning, it is just a language game with the Red Army).
But in a world which is moving towards multi-polarization, Russia wants to slowly revive the Soviet power, China has been rising as a military-economic power, and Iran as a regional power that has “checkmated” the US and its allies in the Middle East which can also challenge America in Central Asia by its increasing domestic potentials, it is unreasonable and naïve to think that the United States pulls out from a “buffer” country of the east and west.

According to the writer, US-Taliban talks in Qatar only focus on one issue, guaranteeing the US troops presence in Afghanistan; whether it is a liberal system or an “Islamic Emirate”.

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