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The cross-border rocket attacks will not remain unanswered

Calling the recent attacks in Kabul and killing of innocent people as crimes against humanity, Gen. Murad also said he is concerned about the international community’s lack of attention towards crimes against humanity which – he claims – is being carried out by insurgents in Afghanistan.

He said recent insurgent attacks have been launched with the support of a number of outside figures, and that such crimes against humanity should not be ignored.

“Why is the world silent about these attacks in which innocent people are killed and why are the insurgents not recognized as war criminals?” he stressed.

In the issue of cross-Durand Line attacks by Pakistan, he said: “Pakistan’s rocket attacks which still continue in bordering areas of Afghanistan will not remain unanswered. Our president will decide about it by referring to the people’s vote.”

In addition he said the Afghan security forces will not let the insurgents shift their attacks from one part of the country to the other.