• publish: 4 April 2018
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The electricity crisis of Nangarhar will end soon: Official

According to an official that say said on Wednesday, they are trying to resolve the issue of electricity shortage in this eastern city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, during this fast approaching summer and Ramazan.

The Afghanistan Brishna Sherkat (DABS) head for Nangarhar, Omeed Sabah, said a fourth new transformer was being installed to resolve the electricity shortage problem.

Sabah said the new transformer would be would be put into service before the arrival of Ramazan and warm weather.

He said the 20 megawatts transformer would also resolve the issue of power outages and would bring under cover new areas.

However, provincial council members, civil society activists say the government should work on installing new power stations, solar power systems and construct hydropower dam instead of installing the new transformer.

Provincial Council’s deputy Zabihullah Zamarai said instead of importing electricity, the government should build power dams.

Whenever the electricity to Kabul from Tajikistan is off cut, the central capital is fed from the Naghlu hydropower dam, disconnecting the facility to Nangarhar residents.

The public representatives and the activists demand a permanent solution to the long running electricity shortage issue in Nangarhar and urge the Water and Energy Department to lighten their homes in this cyber age.

Abdul Latif Waheedi, a civil society activist urged similar demand and said with arriving of hot season around the province, the issue has to solve permanent.

Meanwhile, Nangarhar power utility head Omaid Sabah assured an effort had been made to resolve the electricity issue for short and permanent in the province.

Sabah also assured about the constructing of an electricity dam on the Kunar’s river in Kama district of the province and creating another major solar electricity network in Hisar-i-Shai area, being the priorities of Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS).


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