• publish: 5 February 2022
  • time: 7:49 pm
  • category: Politics
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The National Resistance Front: We can defeat the Taliban; had powerful enemies in the past

“We can defeat the Taliban as we have had experience of fighting with a high-tech red army of the ex-Soviet Union.” Said Ali Maisam Nazari, in charge of foreign relations of the National Resistance Front

  Talking to Iranian seasonal magazine of “Shahriwar”, he said the former Soviet Union has been defeated five times in Panjshir valley, but Taliban is much weaker than the Red Army: Taliban doesn’t have air force, their on-the-ground forces is being destroyed and the military equipment left for Taliban are at risk of destruction due to lack of maintenance.    

He predicted the National Resistance Front will be fighting against the Taliban in coming months and it will continue fighting till final victory.

Mr. Nazari as a response to a question said resistance against Taliban is not restricted to arm fighting and has various forms including the recent women anti-Taliban protests.

Not believing in talks with Taliban, he described the Taliban as a Pakistan ISI puppet.  

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