• publish: 14 October 2021
  • time: 2:50 pm
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The Taliban’s second military exercise since taking over; We are ready to defend

After two months of military training in Badakhshan province, the Taliban`s operations` battalion graduated and held a military exercise in Faizabad, the provincial capital.

Maulvi Abu Ahmad Ahmadi, deputy governor of Badakhshan province, told the media this morning (Thursday, May 22) that the Taliban`s operation battalion graduated from Badakhshan province after two months of military training.

Mr Ahmadi said the Taliban government intends to form a powerful army to defend Islamic values and borders.

He said the military maneuver of the strike battalion in Badakhshan province shows the Taliban Islamic Emirate is ready to defend the country’s borders and that these forces would not be used against any of the neighboring countries.

The deputy governor of Badakhshan said that Islamic Emirate is fully prepared to provide protection and security to the people of Badakhshan and defend Afghanistan`s borders against any threats.

Mowlawi Shir Ahmad Javad, head of the Taliban’s promotion of virtue and suppression of vice office, said forming a regular army is one of the rights of every country, and the Islamic Emirate of Taliban also forms a regular army to defend its borders and ensure the security of its people.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Moez-u-ddin Ahmadi in Badakhshan delivered a message in English saying the Afghan army is to defend the country’s borders.

This second military exercise in Badakhshan was held as relations between Afghanistan and Tajikistan are strained and similar military exercises are held by Tajikistan military forces.  

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