• publish: 17 September 2019
  • time: 1:06 am
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The war parties should reach an agreement on the ceasefire and negotiations

The members of parliament in their Monday session called on the war parties to reach an agreement on the ceasefire and negotiations.

“Peace is an urgent need for the people of Afghanistan, and we need an immediate truce to gain this goal,” Parliament Speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani said, asking both the Taliban and the government to announce an armistice and face to face peace talks.

“We ask the United States to reconsider cancellation of peace talks and resume talks with Taliban with preconditions. We also call on Taliban to agree a ceasefire and direct talks with the government of Afghanistan,” said another lawmaker, Monawar Shah Bahadori.

Bahadori mentioned that election was not a resolve and those politicians who insist for election, only seek their own benefits. He warned that election in the current situation not only doesn’t solve problems, but even cause worse crisis than the previous polls.

The US President, Donald Trump surprisingly stopped negotiations with Taliban representatives after a suicide attack killed 12 people including an American soldier on September 5 in Kabul.

Trump said that Taliban need to hold talks with the government of Afghanistan. The government had earlier said that direct talks with the Taliban would be held, but war was intensified prior to the presidential elections planned to be held in less than two weeks.

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