• publish: 6 September 2016
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Third blast hit Kabul following the twin Taliban bombing attacks earlier

A third bomb blast shook central Kabul Monday night, roughly eight hours after a twin bombing attack at the Defense Ministry left at least 24 dead and 91 injured.

The late night blast, which caused lights to flicker in parts of the Shahr-e-Naw neighborhood, was followed by gunfire in the residential area of the Afghan capital where shops and restaurants were still open. Eyewitnesses reported seeing tracer fire. Others reported smoke rising from that area of the city.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the target was, but a police official confirmed that the attack took place in Shahr-e-Naw and teams on the scene were working “to specify what exactly happened.”

Back-to-back blasts near the Afghan Defense Ministry earlier in the day killed at least 24 people and wounded 91 officials said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the earlier attacks.

The first of the twin explosions occurred among a crowd of civilians on the Pul-e Yak Paisagi pedestrian bridge, a busy Kabul River crossing, said Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Mohammad Radmanish. A suicide bomber detonated the second after police, security forces and civilians rushed in to help the victims.

The twin attacks happened in an area near government buildings, a market and a major intersection as government employees were leaving work for the day. Streets were jammed with traffic in nearby areas of the city, but several ambulances raced to the site, eyewitnesses said.

A spokesman for Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the two blasts. Stripes reported.

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