• publish: 14 April 2019
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Third reconciliation council’s meeting delayed

The third meeting of the reconciliation leadership council’s meeting was postponed due to the incomplete task of its committees.

“The incomplete reports of the tasked committees of the reconciliation leadership council was the main reason behind delaying the meeting,” officials said, adding that “the meeting has been postponed to an indefinite time”.
Umer Daudzai, the spokesman of the reconciliation council said on Saturday during a press conference in Kabul that there are disagreements among the members of the council and a number of political faces over the number and participants of the meeting, saying that during the second meeting of the reconciliation council, it was decided to create a joint committee led by chief executive Abdullah Abdullah to resolve these differences.

According to Mr Daudzai, this joint committee could not complete its work, and therefore the third meeting of the reconciliation leadership council was postponed.
However, Umer Daudzai did not give details about the next meeting of the council, but said that the meeting will be held whenever the joint committee of the council completes its working reports.

The “Reconciliation Leadership Council” was created following the pressures of the United States Special Representative for the Afghan peace process as well as the intensification of independent efforts by political parties and faces for talks with the Taliban group.
The council has not yet succeeded in determining the “draft list of members of the national negotiating team” and the “government’s red lines” to negotiate with the Taliban.

The Reconciliation Leadership Council was created after political parties, figures, and Zalmay Khalilzad did not accept the 12-member delegation of the government for direct talks with the Taliban, and called on the government to form an all-inclusive delegation.

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