• publish: 4 September 2017
  • time: 11:45 am
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Thirty thousand female teachers to be hired next year, ministry of education

Afghan Ministry of Education has announced that through women empowerment program at least thirty thousand female teachers will be hired in all 34 provinces next year.

Afghan minister of education Mohammad Hanif Balkhi has said that his ministry is planning to hire at least thirty thousand female teachers next year, so the percentage of women presence in education sector goes up to 44 percent from the already 33 one.

“The thirty thousand women teachers that we are talking about are going to be hired through women empowerment program, that through which we have already hired three thousand ones this year.” Hanif Balkhi said.

According to Afghan ministry of education’s official’s data, there are 170 thousand teachers in almost 12 thousand schools throughout the country that 33 percent of whom are women teachers. According to a VOA report.

Officials in ministry of education add that 37 percent of the total number of school students are girls.

Moreover, the ministry says there are 42 teacher training centers in the country with an at least one female and male dormitory in each province.

At least 42 thousand people are being trained in these centers that 38 percent of them are women.

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