• publish: 2 March 2019
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The newly-appointed governor of Kandahar:

Those Taliban not believable in peace should be killed

The newly-appointed governor of Kandahar Hayatullah Hayat has endorsed ongoing efforts but in the meantime has called for the elimination of the enemies refusing the pleas for reconciliation.

Hayat also showed his support to the Afghan security forces at the 205th Corps headquarters along with local tribal elders and religious scholars, and leadership from the 205th Corps. The over-arching topic for the event was peace with a parade that was attended by over 150 local civilians and children to show their support for their local security forces who protect their province.

Brigadier General Shafiqullah, the executive officer to the 205th Corps welcomed the Kandahar Governor and addressed the crowd.

“All brothers, sisters, mothers, and elders who have supported us are all welcome to the 20th Corps; the door is always open,” he said, “We will be vigilant, never sleep, and provide security. Soon peace will prevail.”

As residents adorned the 205th Corps with flowers and praise to show their support to Security Forces, Provincial Governor Hayat addressed his province and the parade of security forces who were in attendance.

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You chose this career, you could have left for anywhere else in the world but you chose to stay and be defenders of the people.”

Governor Hayat went on to appeal to the people of Afghanistan to support and ask for peace.

“Our President wants peace and our people want peace. I hope these talks lead to peace. We must destroy and kills our enemies who do not want peace.”

Governor Hayat observed the traditional security forces parade and closed the parade by rallying for security and peace as the top priority before the elections.

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