• publish: 26 December 2020
  • time: 11:11 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 16423

Three early morning IED explosions in Kabul left 3 killed and wounded

A string of IED explosions rattled Kabul early Saturday morning, leaving at least two security personnel wounded.

Shortly after 9am local time, Kabul police confirmed the third IED explosion of the day – this time a magnetic IED attached to a police Ranger in Dehburi area in Kabul city.  

Two other IED explosions were reported just after 7am, also reportedly targeting police Rangers.  

Two security personnel were wounded in one explosion in Faiz Muhammad Katib road, PD6, just after 7am while another IED was detonated in PD8 shortly afterwards. No casualties were reported in the PD8 blast. 

 At the same time, security forces converged on Khair Khana area in Kabul early Saturday morning and blocked all roads leading into and out of the area.  They also told residents to stay indoors.  

One resident confirmed this and said even government employees were not being allowed to leave their homes to go to work.  Residents claimed that security personnel had told them not to leave their homes as they were trying to prevent a rocket attack on the city. However these claims have not been confirmed. 

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