• publish: 23 April 2018
  • time: 10:48 am
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Three voter registration centers in Kabul closed after ISIS deadly attack

Afghanistan’s central civil registration authority said that it has closed its three newly-established national ID distribution centers in capital Kabul over security concerns after the ISIS’s deadly attack yesterday.

The Head of Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Directorate, Homayun Mohtat told BBC that three newly-established centers for national ID distributing in capital Kabul were closed after the ISIS group struck a center in west of Kabul city, killing at least 69 people and wounding 120 others, according to a newly-updated yesterday’s casualty toll.

He said that at least 4 employees of his directorate were killed in the incident and two others are missing.

Mohtat added that he had warned over lack of security measures of the national ID distribution centers in western parts of Kabul city to Afghan officials.

A suicide bomber struck a gathering of civilians in west of Kabul city who came to receive their national ID papers and voting cards for the upcoming election which is going to be held in October.

ISIS group in its Aimaq new agency claimed responsibility for the attack, but many believe it was not a work of the ISIS group.

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