• publish: 24 November 2020
  • time: 10:17 am
  • category: Politics
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To drop explosives in new war tactic, Taliban rigging hobby drones

The Taliban have deployed small drones to drop bombs on government forces in some recent attacks, Afghanistan’s acting chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Ahmad Zia Shiraj said on Monday.

Shiraj said Taliban fighters were using hobby drones to drop explosives. This he said was a new tactic in their ongoing war.

“The drones they are using are sold in the market. They are basically camera drones,” Shiraj said in an address to parliament, adding the NDS wants to stop the import of the popular devices.

According to a report in the US-based The Defense Post, the Taliban used a drone to bomb the Kunduz governor’s compound in October.

Shiraj did not confirm the report, but he stated the Taliban have used drones in Kunduz and Paktia provinces.

The Defense Post reports that while the tactic is new to the Taliban, Islamic State (IS), or Daesh, fighters operating in Iraq and Syria started using toy planes and hobby drones in 2016 to carry explosives.

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