• publish: 9 May 2020
  • time: 12:47 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 13634

To probe migrant drownings in Iran, Ghani appointed a team

President Ashraf Ghani on Friday ordered a “thorough” probe into the drowning of several migrants, after Iranian border guards allegedly forced them into a river last week.

Afghan authorities had already been investigating the incident, but Ghani formed a new 10-member team to look into the deaths after 18 bodies of migrants were recovered, some of them bearing signs of torture.

Officials claim the migrants drowned in Harirud river while illegally crossing into neighboring Iran from western Herat province.

“President Ashraf Ghani, in a decree issued today, appointed a 10-member team to carry out a thorough investigation into reports about the deaths of several countrymen along the Iranian border,” Ghani’s office said in a statement.

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