• publish: 4 September 2016
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Top Taliban commander quits Mulla Rasool faction

Top Taliban commander Mulla Mohammadi Khan Niazi has quit the Mulla Mohammad Rasool-led Taliban faction in protest against the activities of some of its members for developing contacts with the intelligence agencies in Afghanistan, India and Iran.

In a statement, he appealed to other Taliban members to abandon this faction. “I want to tell all Muslims and Afghans that working under the leadership of people like Mulla Abdul Mannan Niazi amounts to damaging one’s faith and struggle. I want all of them to continue their jehad on the side of the true and sincere mujahideen to liberate our homeland from the clutches of the foreign invaders,” he stressed. According to Pakistani Dawn news.

Mulla Mohammad Khan Niazi, who was member of the shura of the Mulla Rasool-headed faction, the deputy of its information and culture committee, its spokesman and also the military head in 22 provinces of Afghanistan, recalled that he joined this group after the death of Taliban supreme leader Mulla Mohammad Omar and worked tirelessly to pursue the cause of jehad and achieve its objectives.

However, he noted that some selfish elements such as Abdul Mannan Niazi who is from the Achakzai tribe but claims to be a Niazi soon became involved in objectionable activities by holding meetings in a guesthouse of pro-Afghan government people like Shah Wali Khan and also establishing contacts with the intelligence agency, NDS, in Kabul. He alleged that these elements also established contacts with the Indian and Iranian and other intelligence agencies to work for their purposes. “In such a situation, I hereby am quitting the Mulla Rasool faction of Taliban,” he added.

It may be added that another important military commander Mulla Baz Mohammad and the family of late Mansoor Dadullah had also recently quit the Mulla Rasool-led Taliban faction and joined the mainstream group headed by Mulla Haibatullah Akhundzada.

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