• publish: 9 May 2019
  • time: 11:03 am
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Top US general says troops needed in Afghanistan until no insurgency left

The United States will need to keep counter-terrorism in Afghanistan until there is no insurgency left in the country, the top US general said.

Dunford said this after being asked by a US senator if American forces would withdraw from Afghanistan anytime soon.

“It is my judgement right now that the conditions for a complete withdrawal aren’t there,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford said during a congressional hearing.

“I think we will need to maintain our counter terrorism presence as long as an insurgency continues in Afghanistan,” the general said.

US Senator Thomas Steward Udall said that the Taliban control half of Afghanistan despite US fighting them for “a long time.”

Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said that the US is making progress. He said that the Taliban don’t control critical population areas.

“The areas where we have presence is of greater value and importance to the Afghan people,” he said.

The US has held several rounds of peace talks with the Taliban in recent months.

Shanahansaid that there was best chance for peace. “Our policy is to fight and talks,”he said.

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