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President Ghani at consultative Loya Jirga for peace

Toward establishing peace, the government has shown firm good will

President Ghani speaking at the opening ceremony of the grand assembly (Loya Jirga) Today Thursday August 7, in Kabul said:” reasonable politics based on the concept of republic shows that we will not be the strategic depth of any greedy and greedy circle in the region, instead we will be the strategic friend of all.”

President Ghani added: “Afghanistan`s friendship with all regional and world countries derived from common, clear and mutual interests, so making the maximum friends and having good will towards all are sought by Afghanistan.”

He said: “I am proud of having Afghanistan`s trade borders, which were closed by iron walls at the dark time of Stalin, reopened with central Asia and countries of central Asia are the closest friends of Afghanistan.”

 According to president Ghani ninety percent of last year Loya Jirga decisions has been implemented so far.  

“Taliban being reluctant to direct talks with Afghan government have changed releasing 5000 prisoners to definite figures. To show our god will, we have taken all necessary steps toward peace although according to peace agreement signed between Taliban-US in Duha Afghanistan has no commitment to free Taliban inmates” Ghani added

President Ghani said:”We have gathered here in Loya Jirga to foil the evil dreams our enemies have had and strengthen the foundation of political system to exit from the expired circle of history and to establish peace and stability.”

According to Ghani, Taliban has promised to formally attend Intra-Afghan talks in 3 days if their remained 400 prisoners are freed by Afghan government; otherwise, they will not only continue war, but also intensify it.

 “The Afghanistan constitution denies me the authority to free the 400 remained Taliban prisoners. Having Passed through hundreds of uphill and Haft Khan-e Rustam, we have reached sensitive moments. Holding Loya Jirga signals my commitment to constitution.” President Ghani added  

Dr. Abdullah, the head of consultative Loya Jirga for peace

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the chief of high council for reconciliation, who also serves as the head of consultative Loya Jirga for peace, said the high council for national reconciliation is to be announced very soon.

He added:” we are committed to do in accordance with the decision you make. your decisions are such vital that play the role of life or death.”

Dr. Abdullah hoped appropriate decision of Loya Jirga leads to durable peace in Afghanistan.

“Most notable political leaders like Marshal Dustom, Ustad Khalili as well as Afghanistan MPs have supported Loya Jirga” Dr. Abdullah added The head of consultative Loya Jirga emphasized some sides think they will be the winner with war, but they are wrong!

It is to say 3200 participants from 34 provinces have attended the Loya Jirga for peace in Kabul to decide the fate of 400 remained Taliban prisoners.

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