• publish: 13 November 2021
  • time: 12:14 pm
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Troika Plus reiterates support for Afghans following Islamabad meeting

Delegates who attended the Troika Plus meeting in Islamabad this week, to discuss the crisis in Afghanistan, expressed deep concern over the severe humanitarian and economic situation and reiterated their unwavering support for the people of the country.

According to a statement issued on Friday by the US State Department, Pakistan, China, Russia and the United States welcomed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) “continued commitment to allow for the safe passage of all who wish to travel to and from Afghanistan and encouraged rapid progress, with the onset of winter, on arrangements to establish airports countrywide that can accept commercial air traffic, which are essential to enable the uninterrupted flow of humanitarian assistance”.

The delegates also called on the IEA to work with fellow Afghans to take steps to form an inclusive and representative government that respects the rights of all Afghans and provides for the equal rights of women and girls to participate in all aspects of Afghan society, read the statement.

Delegates also agreed to continue practical engagement with the IEA to encourage the implementation of moderate and prudent policies that can help achieve a stable and prosperous Afghanistan as soon as possible.

According to the statement, delegates “emphasized that access to education for women and girls at all levels is an international obligation” and encouraged the IEA to accelerate efforts to provide for full and equal access to education countrywide.

In addition, the delegates welcomed the international community’s urgent provision of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and expressed grave concern at the potential for an economic collapse and significantly worsening humanitarian crisis, and a new refugee wave.

In line with this, the US State Department said they called on the IEA to ensure unhindered humanitarian access, including by women aid workers, for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to respond to the developing crisis.

The Troika Plus also welcomed the greater role of United Nations as a coordinator in such fields as contributing to stability and delivering emergency assistance.

However, they condemned in the strongest terms the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and called on the IEA to cut ties with all international terrorist groups, dismantle and eliminate them in a decisive manner, and to deny space to any terrorist organization operating inside the country.

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