• publish: 17 November 2015
  • time: 1:25 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 2238

Turkmenistan to build railway to Afghanistan’s border

Turkmen government has completed part of a railway construction which stretches across and from Turkmenistan through Tajikistan to reach Afghan border of Akina, according to a statement by Turkmen government.  

The statement describes the length of the Atamyrat-Imamnazar-Akina railway as 88 kilometers.

“Two railway bridges are under construction along the railway line. Moreover, the work on constructing two railway stations will start there.” The message added.

“Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is expected to be an important link in international transportations between the Asian countries,” said the message.

At the initial stage, this project envisages construction of two railway sections: 85-kilometer long Atamyrat-Imamnazar on Turkmenistan’s territory and 38-kilometer long section running from Imamnazar to Andkhoy settlement in Afghanistan.

It is planned to start the work on a 3-kilometer long railway line running from Imamnazar to Akina settlement on Afghanistan’s territory.

“Implementation of a number of joint infrastructure projects in Afghanistan will give a strong impetus to the further development of Afghanistan’s economy and allow the government to resolve the important social issues and ensure the population’s employment,” said the message.

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