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Turning Afghanistan`s sacrifices into a private for-profit business, not allowed

National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib says Afghanistan is a changed country that no longer poses a security threat to the world.

Speaking at the Hudson Institute of the United States, Mohib said: “We will not allow anyone to turn our sacrifices and suffering into a private for-profit business.”

The NSA added that the Afghans and Americans had come a long way through great sacrifice. As a nation, Afghans were indebted to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, the NSA remarked.

The Afghan government, understanding long term partnership with its allies, would ask the US to provide a clarification on what its long-term strategy and interests were in Afghanistan.

“We are a democracy earnestly allied with the US, strategically placed as a land bridge between central and south Asia and in the heart of a region from which many of the world’s threats from terrorist groups are emanating, but which is also ripe with economic opportunity,” he said.

“There are mechanisms within our agreements– the BSA and the US-Afghanistan Compact– that allow us to discuss and reconfigure our partnership. A responsible, gradual reduction in US troops,” Mohib explained.

The Afghan govt had been preparing for possible changes to the partnership, with ANDSF defending the nation on their own, the official said.

Over the past five years, he added, Kabul had been working hard to gradually absorb more financial responsibility for ANDSF and overall operating costs of the state.

“Today’s Afghanistan is a changed country. We no longer pose a security threat to the world. And, by relentlessly pursuing a reform agenda geared toward self-reliance, we are gradually becoming less of a financial burden,” Mohib said.

“We will not allow anyone to turn our sacrifices & suffering into a private, for-profit business. We have already rejected the idea of privatisation of war and our partners in the US government too rejected this proposal,” he continued.

“This would allow us to gradually cover more costs, as we move to increase domestic revenue and to develop further human, military capacities & capabilities…”

In January, the NSA recalled, Pres Ghani wrote to US President Donald Trump, requesting the two countries engage in a coordinated effort to reevaluate their partnership.

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