• publish: 28 July 2021
  • time: 2:57 pm
  • category: Politics
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UNAMA calls for govt to reassure donors that it has plan to deal with crisis

UNAMA chief Deborah Lyons said Wednesday in a series of tweets on the Joint Coordination & Monitoring Board (#JCMB) meeting that donors want reassurance from the Afghan government that it recognizes the nature of the current crisis and has a strategic outlook to address it.

To address Afghanistan’s long term issues, peace negotiations must begin in earnest and with sincerity, Lyons tweeted.

Without progress at the negotiating table, and instead human rights abuses occur, the Taliban will not be seen as a viable partner by the international community, she said.

With battlefield advances, Taliban have inherited responsibilities. The world is watching closely how they now act, she said.

No major donor will finance repression of women, discrimination of minorities, denying of education to girls, or decrees of an authoritarian government, Lyons stated.

There are 18 million Afghans today facing dire humanitarian needs. They must be prioritized and the UN family as a civilian entity in Afghanistan will assist, the UNAMA chief said.

Donors at the meeting, which was cohosted by government and the UN have been urged to support critical humanitarian needs, Lyons stated.

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