• publish: 20 January 2020
  • time: 11:09 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 12049

Unknown man brutally killed Afghan government official’s family members in Kabul

Four family members of a government official have been brutally killed by an unknown man in capital Kabul, officials confirmed.

According to Nasrat Rahimi a spokesperson at the Ministry of Interior Affairs, an unknown man has entered into the house of a government employee on Sunday evening and has brutally killed 4 members of his family with an ax.

“Abdul Sattar works at the Ministry of Transport whose wife and 3 children have been murdered”, Rahimi said.

Police have started investigations, Rahimi added.

The incident has occurred at the Jangalag area of Chehlsutoon, in district 7 of Kabul city.

No individual or group has so far claimed the responsibility for this murder.

This comes as the Ministry of Interior informed the Kabul residents of high-security measurements following a security advocacy campaign by the residents.

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