• publish: 23 April 2018
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Former intelligence chief:

urban attacks in Afghanistan done by Taliban but in the name of ISIS

Afghan former chief of intelligence agency, Amrullah Saleh said that most attacks in Afghanistan are being carried out by the Taliban cells but they are published in the name of ISIS.

Condemning the deadly yesterday attack on a voter registration center in west of Kabul city that killed at least 69 people, former Afghan chief of intelligence said on his Facebook page that most urban attacks are only carried out by the name of ISIS group, yet they are all done by Taliban cores.

He added that silent cells of the Taliban and Haqqani network responsible for training of suicide attackers are carrying out attacks in return for huge money, and the let the ISIS take the credits.

Saleh says there is no difference in the theme and root of supports of the attacks carried out either by ISIS or the Taliban.

Former chief of intelligence agency also said that if people come to know about the genuine confessions of the arrested fighters reportedly linked with the ISIS, they will know that they (arrested fighters) are all active members of the Taliban.

Aimaq news agency associated with the ISIS group in a message claimed responsibility for the attack, while Zabihullah Mujahed a spokesman for the Taliban denied their fighters had hands in the attack.

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