• publish: 11 May 2021
  • time: 11:34 am
  • category: Politics
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US breaking up Bagram base, trashing unneeded gear

The US military is breaking up its largest base in Afghanistan and dismantling equipment it is not taking home or transferring to Afghan forces.

Amid an ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US military said on Monday about 1,300 pieces of equipment had been destroyed so far.

Associated Press quoted an unnamed official as saying more equipment would be destroyed before September 11.

At Bagram and other bases, American troops are taking stock of equipment they want to take home. Tens of thousands of metal containers are being shipped out on C-17 cargo planes or by road through Pakistan and Central Asia.

As of last week, 60 C-17s packed with equipment already had left the country, AP reported, saying the Americans were dismantling their portion of the Bagram Air Base.

Sensitive equipment never intended to be left in Afghanistan was being shipped to America, US defense and Western officials told the media outlet.

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