• publish: 25 November 2019
  • time: 6:03 pm
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US congressional delegation met Ghani and Abdullah

A visiting US congressional delegation and senior military officers separately met with president Ghani and CEO Abdullah and discussed a range of issues, including the peace process, election, women rights, regional cooperation and terrorism.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during a meeting with the US joint congressional delegation last night and discussed the peace process, women’s rights, achievements and sustained partnership between the two countries.

President Ghani thanked the United States for its cooperation with Afghanistan, saying that the engagement of Afghanistan and the United States is strategic and sustained, and that the sacrifice of US forces in combating terrorism and providing peace and stability in Afghanistan is commendable.
The Delegation also thanked the President and the Afghan people for their partnership with the U.S. and other allies in fighting global terrorism.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah in a separate meeting with the delegation said that US is Afghanistan’s main partner in all aspects of efforts to stabilize, rebuild and transform this country into an active international participant in global peace and security.
“We are grateful for selfless US support and partnership over the years and we have no doubt about continuation of our enduring partnership regardless of partisan politics in Afghanistan,” he twitted.

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