• publish: 22 December 2021
  • time: 7:24 pm
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US continues to be the largest aid provider to Afghans

Blinken said the US is working with other partners to put more liquidity into the Afghan economy to help the people of Afghanistan.

The US State Secretary Antony Blinken, said that the US is closely watching the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and is continuing its humanitarian support for the people of Afghanistan to help them cope with this difficult situation.

Talking at a press briefing on Tuesday, Blinken said the humanitarian situation is dire in Afghanistan and is likely to get worse as the winter sets in.

He said the US continues to be the largest humanitarian aid provider to Afghanistan. “What I am focused on right now, is the situation in Afghanistan, including the humanitarian situation. We continue to be the largest single provider of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan,” he said.

Addressing the humanitarian situation, Blinken said, the US Treasury Department has issued many general licenses that enables other countries and institutions to send aid to Afghanistan without being exposed to the US sanctions. “We have Issued multiple general licenses to make sure that other countries, institutions, can feel free to move forward with their assistance and not be concerned about the application or implementation of sanctions against them,” he said.

Blinken added that the US is working to find ways to put more liquidity into the Afghan economy. He said the US aid is directed only at the people of Afghanistan and will not benefit the current government.

He also said the US is focused to make sure the Islamic Emirate fulfills its commitments, including safe passage, women’s rights, and counterterrorism.

Blinken’s remarks follow a protest in Kabul on Tuesday in which the protesters called on the US to release Afghanistan’s frozen assets.

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