• publish: 26 August 2015
  • time: 4:28 pm
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US doctors make use of Afghan-invented bone reconstruction device

For the first time American doctors utilized a bone-reconstruction device invented by two Afghan doctors.

Doctors at a hospital in Portland city of the state of Oregon used the tool for treating the broken knee of a woman age 83.

The result of the Afghan Device was satisfactory for American doctors.

This bone reconstruction device was invented by two Afghan surgeons Mohammad Ismail Wardak and Abdul Razaq in Kabul.

United States has registered the Afghan Device and approved the use of it.

Afghan Device which is a cheaper way of treatment for broken knees and elbows also reduces the healing period from six months to six weeks for patients in therapy.

“The common method now used to treat small bones is very flawed when compared with how our invention works, requiring a person to be operated twice, But with our method only one operation is needed and it is so minimal that the skin sometimes may not even be cut.” says one of the inventers, Mohammad Ismail Wardak.

Afghan Device is also utilized in several other countries including India and Pakistan.

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