• publish: 17 December 2016
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US forces Afghanistan marked 2nd anniversary of Peshawar school attack

The US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) marked the second anniversary of a deadly attack on Pakistan’s northern Peshawar Army school that left over 130 children dead.

“December 16 marked the second anniversary of the horrendous attack on the Peshawar Army Public School, which killed more than 130 children,” USFOR-A said in a statement.

The statement further added: “In July, a US strike killed the mastermind of the attack, Umar Khalifa. Although his death will not bring back the victims, we remember those who lost family and friends.”

“We will continue to stand with all those who join the common fight against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” the statement added.

The statement by the US Forces Afghanistan was issued a day after Pentagon released its latest report on Afghanistan.

Pentagon in its report said, “Afghan-oriented militant groups, including Taliban and Haqqani Network senior leadership, retain freedom of action from safe havens inside Pakistani territory.”

According to the report, the Afghan government’s relationship with Pakistan remains a critical aspect of enhancing security and stability in Afghanistan, adding that “since the beginning of President Ghani’s tenure, leaders from both countries have generally made a concerted effort to improve relations and better address mutual security interests, such as the threat from various extremist groups that reside in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.”

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