• publish: 22 December 2016
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US react on Taliban’s demands for direct talks, saying ‘that is the right approach’

The United States has said Washington supports an Afghan-led peace process while responding to Taliban’s call for direct talks with US.

“I haven’t seen those comments either, but I would tell you that nothing has changed about our view that what we support is an Afghan-led reconciliation process,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby said in response a question regarding Taliban’s statement to hold direct talks with US if their demands are met.

Kirby further added “We believe that’s the right approach. We’ve always believed that that’s the right approach”, according to Khaama press.

“President Ghani, more importantly, also believes in the criticality of that approach, and that’s where our support will go to,” he added.

The group offered new demands earlier this month for ending its insurgency in the country, including direct talks with the United States.

The other new conditions include recognition of the political office of the group in Qatar and removal of group’s members from the UN blacklist.

“That is why there is need for America and its allies to come to the table for direct talks with the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban) for negotiating an end to the occupation,” Sohail Shaheen, a Qatar-based spokesman of the group, quoted by The News said.

Shaheen further added, if peace is the objective of the other side, then the Taliban must be allowed to open their “political office” in Qatar and names of their senior members be removed from the UN blacklist.

“These obstacles in the way of establishing peace cannot be simply ignored,” Shaheen said, warning that “mere slogans and statements” (by the other side) would further complicate the issue rather than promoting Afghan peace.

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