• publish: 27 June 2020
  • time: 11:54 am
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US watchdog: Taliban will weaken the Afghanistan government’s position in peace talks

A US watchdog has warned that “systemic” corruption within the Afghan government is undermining its bargaining position in upcoming peace negotiations with the Taliban.

John Sopko, the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction says that the Taliban would use corruption within the government to strengthen their bargaining power and weaken the government’s position in peace talks.

Meanwhile, the US Special Inspector General urged the Afghan government leaders not to rely too much on foreign aid in the future.

“Afghanistan’s leaders must come to realize that in the end, private sector investment will matter far more to their country’s future than international donors, because after 19 years of war, foreign governments, including the United States, are growing weary of paying Afghanistan’s bills,” John Sopko added.

He described the corruption in Afghanistan as an “insidious threat” and said it would undermine public confidence in the government.

“It is the most insidious threat the Afghan government faces because it saps the support of citizens who are trying to go about their daily work, feed their families, and live free of fear and intimidation,” Sopko added.

On the other hand, Deborah Lyons the UN envoy to Afghanistan says that the government’s fight against corruption is not enough and that it has lost the trust of the donor countries and the people of this country.

Government officials did not comment on the allegations, but the head of the government’s media center denied Sopko’s remarks, saying the government was making every effort to eradicate corruption.

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