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Since 2001

USA has Deployed over 775,000 soldiers in Afghanistan

The Washington Post reported this Wednesday that over 775,000 US soldiers have served in Afghanistan at least once, while many of them have been in that long war several times.

The journal shares data related to the number of troops that have taken part in that conflict still in force, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US, a tragedy that unleashed the so-called war on terrorism and was used to justify Afghanistan’s military invasion.

The US war in Afghanistan, the daily recalled, has killed some 2,400 members of the US armed services, including 16 in combat this year, while over 20,000 were injured.

But there is another set of revealing numbers about the war that expose its expanding nature, the newspaper added, citing data from the Pentagon that indicate that almost 385,000 soldiers have been sent to the Central Asian nation since 2001 on one occasion and over 222,000 soldiers have been there twice.

Likewise, 99,000 US military personnel had been in that scenario three times, 40,600 four times, 16,000 in five, and 12,000 had been deployed over five times.

The Army, the largest force in the Pentagon, assigned the largest number of troops to Afghanistan, 491,500, including active duty forces, reservists and members of the National Guard.

It is followed by the Air Force, whose presence in Afghanistan has persisted even after reducing the total number of soldiers, with approximately 123,000 airmen involved.

On the other hand, the Marine Corps have deployed 114,000 members there in the almost 18 years of conflict, and even the Coast Guard reached to have over 100 members in that nation.

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