• publish: 13 January 2022
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Uzbek Talibans expel Pashtun Talibans from Maymana in North

Following an internal conflict which led to arrest of an Uzbek prominent commander of Taliban, crowds of angry Uzbek protesters flooded into streets of Maymana in north of Afghanistan and took control of the city.

Confirming the incident, Naqi bul Lah Fayeq, the Faryab ex-governor said Pashtun Islamic Emirate has lost control over the province and the flag of Taliban is pulled down by protesting people.  

As reports showed following the arrest of an Uzbek-Taliban commander, there was a public protest and Maymana, the capital city of Fayab, is got out of Pashtun Taliban and the flag of Islamic Emirate is pulled down by angry-protesting local residents.

Amrullah Saleh, the ex-vice president, congratulating on the incident, said people`s uprising caused the fall of Maymana.

After “Makhdum Alem”, an Uzbek-Taliban commander had been arrested by other Taliban commanders, probably Pashtun commanders, people of other tribe staged a wide protest there in the capital city.

Pashtun Taliban commanders and fighters have been told to get disarmed and the governor and security commander escaped.    

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