• publish: 19 May 2021
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Wardak MP claims Taliban seized parts of Jalrez district

Taliban militants have captured parts of Jalrez district of Maidan Wardak province, an Afghan PM said Wednesday.

Mahdi Rasikh, MP for Maidan Wardak in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) shared a message attributed to an Afghan soldier who stated that the Taliban stormed the district at around 3 am Wednesday.

According to the soldier, four outposts fell to the Taliban and the district is also under siege.

The soldier stated that some victims and wounded soldiers have remained on the battlefield, and “they [Taliban from around the district compound] are shouting at us to surrender.”

Rasikh meanwhile said in a statement that the area of Dar-e Sanglakh in Jalrez district, a mere 60km from Kabul city, has been captured by the Taliban.

This comes as the government conducted at least two clearance operations in the district following failed operations to arrest controversial public uprising forces’ Commander Alipour and Commander Shamshir, in the Bihsud district of the province.

Alipour’s command center and checkpoints were captured by the Afghan forces during the operation.

“Now more than 30 tanks and an army unit is present in Bihsud. But the Taliban captured Sia Khak and it seems that the army is not there to protect people and fight against the Taliban,” Rasikh said.

“Following the collapse of Jalrez, the Taliban would attack the Bihsud district and Bamiyan province with full forces,” Rasikh warned.

So far, neither the government nor the Taliban has commented on this regard.

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