• publish: 24 November 2021
  • time: 5:48 pm
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Washington to resume talks with Taliban in Qatar

The two sides will discuss counterterrorism operations against the Daesh and Al Qaeda, humanitarian assistance, Afghanistan’s devastated economy, and safe passage for US and Afghan aids out of Kabul.

The United States will resume talks with the Taliban, addressing among other issues the fight against terrorism and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The American delegation, led by the US special representative for Afghanistan, Tom West, will meet the Taliban next week in Qatar for two weeks of discussions.

State Department spokesman Ned Price announced the planned meeting on Tuesday, saying the two sides will discuss “our vital national interests.”

Talks will include counterterrorism operations against Daesh-K and Al Qaeda, humanitarian assistance, and Afghanistan’s devastated economy.

The delegations will also discuss safe passage out of Kabul for US citizens and Afghans who worked for Washington during the 20 year war.

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