• publish: 5 December 2015
  • time: 5:31 pm
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Afghan Parliament:

‘We will support National Security Director’

Some Afghan MPs reacted over the recent rumors that some foreigners recommended government to discharge National Security Director Rahamtullah Nabil from his office and said they will support him on his office.

Arif Rahmani a member of parliament said that President Ghani ought not to get impressed by foreigners’ recommendations for peace approaching.

“National Security Directorate is the only entity in Afghanistan which has been working toward national interests of Afghanistan.”

Another MP Mohammad Sarwar Osmani Farahi said that Rahmatullah Nabil has been fully committed to his duty and has so far received twice the vote of confidence by parliament.

“We will support Rahamtullah Nabil and we will not allow anyone to discharge him from office,” said Farahi.

Recently some social networks quoted some unverified sources as saying that some foreign countries had recommended National Unity Government to discharge Rahamatullah Nabil from office in order to approach a peace in country.

Samiullah Samim another member of parliament said “we passed a vote of confidence to Rahmatullah Nabil and we will defend our votes; we will not allow anyone to discharge a person from office who has national motives.”

Samim further said that the worst part of this news is that it has been recommended by some foreign countries.

Rahmatullah Nabil in early days of National Unity Government received a vote of confidence from Afghan parliament for National Security Director post.



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