• publish: 20 January 2020
  • time: 11:01 am
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Ahead of Afghan peace deal

Wells visited Pakistan

Alice Wells, a Chief US diplomat for South Asian affairs, arrived in Islamabad on Sunday on a crucial visit just ahead of the possible peace deal between the US and the Afghan Taliban.

Before heading Islamabad, Wells visited New Delhi, where she held talks with senior Indian officials on a range of issues that concerns India on different fronts.

The focus of the top US diplomat’s visit will be on the imminent peace deal between the Afghan Taliban and the US. Over the last couple of weeks, the Taliban have indicated that they will reduce the level of violence, which has led to the signing of a potential peace deal.

The potential peace deal sparks a green light for the Afghan government and civilian people who have lost their dear and near ones over the past decades of war. On the other hand, the Afghan government is not entirely optimistic about the Taliban’s commitment to the reduction of the level of violence.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is in Washington, engaging with senior Trump administration officials as well as US Congressmen over the peace deal with the Taliban.

The Pakistani government wants the US to play a more significant role in persuading India to soften its repressive police in the disputed territory in return to its efforts to facilitate the Afghan peace deal.

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